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We are in operation during the weekends when Mother Nature cooperates. If you would like to look into scheduling a glider ride or lesson, email or just call.

Let us know how we can help.

Wally Berry
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Mark Blace
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Tim McGowin
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Southern Eagles Soaring, Inc

Mailing Address:
Mark Blace, Treasurer,
Southern Eagles Soaring, Inc.
132 Loretta Lane
Luthersville, GA 30251

Physical Address
see directions

Roosevelt Memorial Airport [in the blue hangar]
on the East side of Roosevelt Hwy, Warm Springs, GA 31830
On Roosevelt Hwy US-27/State Hwy 41 just South of Crowder Rd & North of Thompson Waddell Rd


Webmaster: C:h:r:i:s: R:u:f g:mail read carefully

Club Information  


Map & Directions



Become a Gliderpilot brochure .pdf

Glider Pilots & Instructors Wanted poster .pdf

Tow Pilots Wanted Poster (PDF)


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