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Dave's first flight in L-33 V9

on runway w v9

You always remember the first time!  After spending yesterday getting her all ready and not being able to fly I was a little frustrated, kind of life the Meatloaf song Bat out of Hell (Stop right now!!!).  Today we got the SF34 out and Glen went around with me as I had not done a CG tow before and I felt it prudent to do a few tows with the master!  After one Glen said I should be fine so we pulled V9, my L33 (that had seen flying with the club before in the last century (isn't it cool to say that).  

After getting strapped in, making sure I was aware of all the controls and could reach them Mike hooked me up and Charlie towed me into the sky.  Every sense was in high gear as we started rolling, wondering what it would fell like, never having flown it before and knowing that the plane had last flown in 2002.  We got up to the bases around 1,500 and I released and did some steep turns, a couple of stalls that didn't break that well (more about that) trying to find non existent lift and then landing. The next two flights went the same, each become smoother as V9 and I got to know each other.  Needless to say we are going to be spending a lot of quality time together!

June 1 2014


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